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Well, Bill decided to clean out his closet and here is what turned up. All these instruments come with a letter from Bill stating that he owned it and how he used it. This is a rare opportunity to pick up a guitar used by one of the instrument's great innovators.

Sold Items

Fender   Duo Sonic   January 1958 (#026480), very good + condition, Desert Sand finish, back of neck refinished, original case

This guitar is all original except for the neck finish and the stylish cowgirl decal on the back.  SOLD

Fender Jaguar  1965


Fender Telecaster Subsonic baritone guitar  mint condition


Fender   Telecaster Custom     1996, near mint condition, sunburst finish with gig bag

This is a Japanese made guitar that has been completely customized. Bill had his favorite electronics guru rewired it to his specifications. It has three pickups, a five position switch, and a pull switch to cover all possible pickup combinations. A Harmonic Design Vintage Plus pickup in the neck position, a Seymour Duncan JB model Humbucker in the center and a Seymour Duncan Little '59 double coil in the bridge position. The bridge and tuners have also been upgraded. The guitar has a few dings and surface scratches but is otherwise mint. SOLD

Fender   Telecaster   Dec '64 (#L66332), excellent condition, blond finish, pearloid dots, repo decal, '50s style saddles, Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups, later plastic case

This guitar is original except for the electronics, routing for the neck pickup, decal, some nice wood burning on the back of the headstock, and some inexplicable finish touch-up around the control panel. It is a great player especially for those after the Ed Bickart sound. Original saddles included. SOLD

Gibson ES-125 3/4  1968

email for details. SOLD

Gibson   ES-175   1950 (#A-5469), excellent-plus condition, sunburst finish, original brown case


Gibson ES-175D    1964, excellent-plus condition, sunburst finish, later model hardshell case


Gibson ES-330TD  1960 (#R-5321-5), near-mint condition, sunburst finish, dot inlays, black P-90 pickups, modern hardshell case

This is one of the nicest ES-330s I've seen. Plus, it has the added attractions of the highly sought after: wide, flat neck and dot position markers. SOLD

Gibson   L-50   ca. 1935, excellent condition, sunburst finish, 14.5 x 18-inch body, flat back, arch top, f-holes, modern hard shell and original soft shell cases

Though this guitar does not conform exactly to the specifications of an L-50 it appears to be a version of the second variant from '34 or '35. In any case, it is a lovely little mid '30s Gibson in great condition and a sweet tone. Only a repaired top crack mars its nearly mint condition. SOLD

Gretsch   Anniversary model 6125   1959, excellent condition, two tone smoke green finish, flower decals, ragged Gibson hard shell case

This is basically a green 6120 with a single P.A.F. Filtertron pickup. Bill had it rewired to a more standard setup with concentric volume and tone controls. The original tone switch has been disabled. The original knob and potentiometer are included. It has been professionally re-freted and plays well. SOLD

Martin Tiple   T-28   1927 (#29767), very good + condition, natural finish, modern hard shell case

This has to be the world's least expensive pre-war Martin herringbone. The bridge has been replaced (the original cracked one is in the case) with a replica having an added piece of bone on the string block. The neck has been reset and it plays well. There are two cracks on the back about 5 inches long which have been repaired. SOLD

Parker  Fly Artist   1999, mint condition, spruce top, hardtail model, original case, tools, cord, and owner's manual

From the Parker Select line of guitars, this was custom built for Bill. As stated on the Parker web page: "A distinctive collection of specialty guitars built from the choicest tone woods. Available in limited quantities on a made to order basis only. Under Ken Parker’s direct supervision, these are the ultimate ‘Fly’ guitars for the most discerning musicians."  SOLD

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